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George Bradley

Some pages have been dedicated to the research into George Bradley Senior (Abt. 1830 to Abt. 1907) and George Bradley Junior (1866 - 1937) who went to Australia for a period of 7 - 10 years.

The research is looking into finding as many facts as possible to the trip and possible family links there.

Most of the work has been carried out by Jan’s cousin Maureen Alam who has provided her research to the site’s Author.

Kerry would also like to thank the Australian members of soc.genealogy.britain for their help in tracing Australian documents. My special thanks go to Colin Liddell and Lyn Nunn

The Story of George Bradley

The story of the life of George Bradley as researched by Maureen Alam is given here.

Letter from George Bradley
(Jr) Sept 4 1881

This Letter was among Lucy Bradley’s papers. It was in an envelope but the envelope is presumably not the original as it has no name, address or stamp on it. (Hence it doesn’t tell us where Emma Bradley was living at the time.) The handwriting is copperplate and very clear with a slight tilt to the right. George’s grammar and spelling and punctuation have been copied exactly. We believe there may be a missing page or pages.

Background facts

Some comments with respect to the letter is given here.

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